Weiland Can’t Defend Lies Against Rounds

August 13th, 2014

Sioux Falls, SD - President Obama's candidate for the U.S. Senate in South Dakota, Rick Weiland, refuses to answer questions from South Dakotans on why he is lying about Mike Rounds. Dick
Wadhams, a spokesman for the South Dakota Republican Party, had the following to say:

"I suppose poor Rick Weiland is too busy with his plan to destroy Medicare as seniors know it and can't answer why he continues to lie about Mike Rounds. The truth is simple, Weiland's misguided 'Medicare for All' plan means seniors lose Medicare as they know it."

Last week, the South Dakota Republican Party demanded that Rick Weiland quit lying about Mike Rounds and either "put up or shut up." Weiland has continued to falsely claim that Rounds wants to 'voucherize' Medicare.

Wadhams concluded by saying:

"Mike Rounds has never suggested, much less endorsed, 'voucherizing' Medicare. Weiland's sorry excuse of a record shows that he not only endorses Obamacare and the $716 billion in cuts
to Medicare that comes with it, but also his desire to destroy Medicare as a senior healthcare program . . . it is clearly a matter of public record."