June 25th, 2014

Sioux Falls, SD – The announcement of Susy Blake’s addition to the Democrat Party ticket is a strong indicator that the South Dakota Democratic Party is out-of-touch with what is important to South Dakotans. Rob Burgess, Communications Director of the South Dakota Republican Party, had the following response to the announcement of Susan Wismer’s running mate:

“The people of South Dakota are hard-working and they expect the same from the leadership of their state. That is why the people who live here and work here have chosen to elect Republicans as their statewide leaders for the last 50 years. This year is no different. The people of South Dakota deserve responsible and capable leadership which is exactly what Governor Daugaard and Lt. Governor Michels have provided. Susan Wismer and Susy Blake represent the chance for South Dakota to take a step backwards . . . that just isn’t something South Dakotans are known for.”