South Dakota Republican Party Highlights Hawks’ Support for State Income Tax

August 3rd, 2015

Pierre - The South Dakota Republican Party today issued the following statement in response to Paula Hawks' candidacy for the U.S. House:

"Paula Hawks is best known for being the leading advocate for the creation of a state income tax that would dramatically raise taxes on all South Dakotans and we welcome her to the race," said South Dakota Republican Chairwoman Pam Roberts.

Background: Watch the video available at the Argus Leader website for more on Hawks' support for a massive tax increase:

Questioner: "Are you in favor of an (state) income tax?"

Hawks: “Um, yeah. ..."

Questioner: "Do you see a downside to an income tax?"

Hawks: “It’s extremely unpopular. The unfortunate part of that is it’s unpopular because of a lack of understanding how that would affect people differently than taxes now.”