South Dakota Republican Party encourages debt-ridden Democrat Party to to pay local vendors first

May 21st, 2019

South Dakota Republican Party encourages debt-ridden Democrat Party to get finances in order and to pay local vendors first.

South Dakota Democrats filed their latest federal campaign finance report yesterday, revealing that the party is carrying nearly $47,000 in unpaid debts and obligations against only $16,624.38 in cash on hand.

In response to the Democrat Party’s shaky finances, Republican Party Chairman Dan Lederman encouraged Democrats as part of their debt management plans to take care of local South Dakota vendors first before their Washington, DC consultants.

Lederman said “a review of Democrat’s latest financial report makes it look like they went on a spending spree without having the money to pay the bills. They owe money to a number of people, including Maryland consultants, a Washington, DC Computer firm, a Washington DC Law Firm, and a number of local businesses.”

“As the Republican party works with a number of small businesses in South Dakota, we know how important it is for these businesses’ bottom line to make sure they get paid on time. Local South Dakotans shouldn’t have to wait in line behind big Democrat firms in the beltway to be paid because Democrats went on a spending spree this last month without worrying about how to pay for it. We encourage Democrats to make sure their local vendors get paid first as they work to cover their outstanding debts,” Lederman said.

South Dakota Republican Finance Director Dave Roetman noted that “while many political organizations spend down their coffers as part of the process, you always have some cash in reserve to be able to keep the doors open as part of continuing operations.  Democrats had pulled themselves out of the hole for a time this last election, but it looks like they’re moving back to bad habits.”