South Dakota GOP Statement on Dan Ahlers Announcement

September 30th, 2019

South Dakota GOP Statement on Dan Ahlers Announcement

South Dakota Republican Party Chairman Dan Lederman issued the following statement today on the announcement that former Democrat State Legislator Dan Ahlers is running for the US Senate.

“Former Democrat State Legislator Dan Ahlers has thrown his hat in the ring to run for office, again. In the Congressional race, Democrats already have two candidates running who lost state legislative races in 2018. Ahlers adds yet a third candidate to the Democrats’ statewide slate who lost a race for the State Legislature in the last election.” 

“Collectively, Democrats are bringing a lot of experience to the race on what not to do, but they never learn, and keep repeating their liberal talking points.”

“Ahlers checks the typical Democrat boxes of being ambiguous on abortion & anti-second amendment and brings nothing to the table but trying to drag the state further to the left, promoting a socialist agenda.

“After losing his last election for the state legislature, earlier this year he had to shut down his business, one of the last video stores in South Dakota. Just a few weeks ago, Ahlers started a political campaign/petition drive for a ballot measure that will likely fail to get on the ballot. Now, he seems to be abandoning that effort to shift his focus to a US Senate campaign that is not going to go well.”

“I’m not sure if Ahlers needs another doomed political campaign as much as he needs some career counseling.”