South Dakota GOP Launches “Don’t Sign on the Line” effort to encourage voters to educate themselves

October 5th, 2017

With South Dakota’s ballot continually being used as a mad scientist’s laboratory, the South Dakota Republican Party’s governing body, the State Republican Party’s Central Committee, adopted the position at a recent meeting that voters should fully educate themselves before committing to sign a petition for any ballot measure.

As a result, South Dakota GOP Chairman Dan Lederman launched the party’s education effort titled “Don’t sign on the Line” on social media this week.

Chairman Dan Lederman noted that “the effort is about educating voters to make sure understand what they're signing.  All too often, out-of-state organizations have thrown millions of dollars into signature collection, bringing in hired guns from out of state to circulate petitions who never establish an actual residency here, despite the requirements of the law.” 

“The initiative and referendum process was established in South Dakota to allow a government that’s more responsive to its citizens,” Lederman said. “Not for whatever D.C. or California special interest group who could write the biggest check and send in armies for a slick, street-corner sell.”

The State Republican party is encouraging every South Dakotan who is approached by a ballot measure petition carrier DON’T SIGN ON THE LINE, and that South Dakota voters can take a day, and hold off on signing until they have a chance to both research the measure, as well as to verify that the petition carrier can produce South Dakota identification.

“Only they’re satisfied that it a measure makes South Dakota better, and it’s a fellow South Dakotan making the ask, should they consider signing,” Lederman said.