South Dakota GOP congratulates Billie Sutton on Bernie Sanders win in New Hampshire last night

February 12th, 2020

South Dakota GOP congratulates Billie Sutton on  Bernie Sanders win in New Hampshire last night

In recognition of Bernie Sanders winning the New Hampshire Democratic Presidential Primary last night, the South Dakota Republican Party offered congratulations today for former Democrat candidate for Governor Billie Sutton, who had previously expressed his admiration for the Vermont Senator’s socialist policies.

South Dakota Republican Party Political Director Dave Roetman noted that it seems coincidental that former candidate Sutton attended legislative crackerbarrels in his Legislative District this past weekend to attack Republicans as Bernie is gaining steam. “Bernie Sanders is pushing out the rest of the Democrat field at the same time Billie is trying to raise his profile.  We’re not sure if Sutton is jockeying for a position in the Sanders cabinet or trying to run for office again to promote ‘Sanders-style socialism’ in South Dakota,” Roetman said.

“While we congratulate Sutton on his man winning in New Hampshire, the Republican Party would also remind Billie that South Dakota is solidly Trump Country, and there’s hardly a snowball’s chance in hades that South Dakotans would be interested in turning America into a socialist nation, no matter how much he admires Bernie’s policies,” Roetman said.