South Dakota GOP Chairman’s Statement on Democrat Party Leadership resignations this afternoon

October 23rd, 2019

South Dakota GOP Chairman's Statement on Democrat Party Leadership resignations this afternoon

South Dakota Republican Party Chairman Dan Lederman issued the following statement today after the announcement of Democrat party Chairwoman Paula Hawks’ and Executive Director Stacey Burnette’s resignations this afternoon.

“South Dakota Democrats announced this afternoon that Democrat Party Chairwoman Paula Hawks and Party Executive Director Stacey Burnette resigned, with the remaining party vice-chair Randy Seiler citing party finances and debts among the reasons for the collapse in leadership,” South Dakota GOP Chair Dan Lederman said. 

Chairman Dan Lederman noted “It’s too bad that Democrat leadership decided they were bankrupt both financially as well as competing in the arena of ideas. Even more so today, the weight of finding solutions to our challenges and leading our state are strictly on the shoulders of the Republican party.”

“If Democrats want to find a way to get back on their feet in South Dakota, they need to come together with Republicans and listen to their neighbors about keeping taxes low, helping them live the American dream, and letting them prosper based on our own initiatives. That’s what the SDGOP has always believed, and our party’s sustained success reflects that.” Lederman said.