South Dakota GOP Chair supports new anti-Meth Campaign; notes “This is everyone’s problem”

November 19th, 2019

South Dakota GOP Chair supports new anti-Meth Campaign; notes “This is everyone’s problem”

South Dakota’s methamphetamine problem hit national news this week with the state of South Dakota’s new ad campaign trying to improve awareness of the problem declaring for South Dakota “Meth: We’re On It.” 

The ad campaign has gone viral, hitting top ranking in social media with some people making light of the slogan, but for South Dakota Republican Party Chairman Dan Lederman, the effects of meth on South Dakota communities is no laughing matter.

Lederman issued the following statement in support of the ad campaign:

While the reaction of many to the ad campaign has been to scoff and make fun of the slogan and say it isn’t “their” problem, people need to realize that we all need to take ownership to address this issue. I see the effects of meth every day. And it’s no laughing matter.

I have operated a bail bond business since 1995 and have seen South Dakota’s meth problem grow exponentially. Arrests involving meth addition are something we see every day. Criminal charges don’t stop at possession or distribution of the controlled substance. Methamphetamine use leads to very serious crimes including domestic abuse, assault and theft.

The addict goes through a personal hell of being tied to a drug that is actively killing them. The drug also affects the many victims of crimes related to the use of methamphetimines, such as domestic assault, burglary and theft. Meth destroys lives and families.

Governor Noem is taking the lead on the issue because she gets it – this problem is only going to grow – and we need to take action. This is an issue for everyone who lives in our state. We all have a stake in addressing the meth crisis. We all can do something to actively deal with the issue.

Discuss with your children about the risks involved with trying or using meth. Be there for people who are recovering addicts, let them know you support their sobriety. Offer support to friends and family members who are suffering from addiction to help them get off drugs. We all need to get “on it”.