South Dakota Democrat Party Laundered Millions of Dollars for Hillary Clinton

November 2nd, 2017

In a damning report today, former Democrat National Party Chairwoman Donna Brazile explained on an op-ed on the Politico website that the Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign used Democrat state party organizations including the South Dakota Democratic Party chaired by Ann Tornberg as a way to get around campaign finance limits.  According to reports filed by South Dakota Democrats with the Federal Elections Commission, South Dakota Democrats allowed the Clinton campaign to directly funnel over $2.25 million through the State.

South Dakota Republican Party Chairman Dan Lederman issued a statement “calling for South Dakota Democrat leadership to publicly disclose exactly what the terms were of the financial arrangements with the Clinton campaign in light of receiving virtually no funds, spending almost no money on joint activities, and the former Chairwoman Brazile claiming the arrangement was ‘unethical.’”

Lederman noted “It is unprecedented that a national presidential campaign send over 2.25 million to a South Dakota political party for purposes of washing funds to make them “legal” to return to the candidate. It also shows how much their party was controlled by Hillary Clinton.”

According to the Politico report, the state parties received little of the funds raised, and the Bernie Sanders campaign criticized the financial arrangement alleged that Clinton's campaign was "looting funds meant for the state parties to skirt fundraising limits on her presidential campaign.”

“Not that Republicans are complaining, considering South Dakota Democrats suffered historic losses at the time, but it seems that they were little more than a financial clearinghouse for the Clinton campaign,” Lederman said.