SDGOP to Weiland: Put Up or Shut Up on False Medicare Attacks on Mike Rounds

August 8th, 2014

Sioux Falls, SD - The South Dakota Republican Party demanded today that the Democratic Senate candidate endorsed by President Barack Obama, Rick Weiland, provide proof for his charge that Republican Senate candidate Mike Rounds wants to 'voucherize' Medicare.

A South Dakota Republican Party spokesman, Dick Wadhams, responded to the outrageous charge:

"It is time for Rick Weiland to put up or shut up about this false allegation. Mike Rounds has never endorsed 'voucherizing' Medicare as Weiland claims in a recent tweet. It is time for President Obama's candidate, Rick Weiland, to either provide proof for this charge or retract his falsehood."

The Weiland campaign sent out a tweet on August 5th at 3:41 p.m. saying, "Rick won't voucherize Medicare like @RoundsForSenate." While Rounds strongly opposes the Obama-Weiland healthcare reform law known as Obamacare and also strongly opposes the Weiland plan to make Medicare available to everyone, not just seniors, Rounds has never say that he wanted to 'voucherize' Medicare.

Wadhams continued by saying:

"Poor Rick Weiland, he is already stuck supporting Obamacare which will move more than $700 billion out of Medicare to fund Obamacare but then he wants to also destroy Medicare as we know it by making it available to everyone, not just seniors. Now, he falsely charges that Mike Rounds wants to 'voucherize' Medicare. Put up or shut up, Mr. Weiland. Tell South Dakota just where and
when Mike Rounds said he wanted to 'voucherize' Medicare. And, when you fail you to do that, apologize to Mike Rounds and the people of South Dakota for telling deliberate lies while you seek
to destroy Medicare as we know it with your own misguided plan."