SDGOP suggests that Democrats should actually do something about FEC violations

August 23rd, 2019

SDGOP suggests that Democrats should actually do something about FEC violations in audit findings instead of making press statements

Dems still have same Treasurer who was in charge at time of financial issues currently being audited by Federal Elections Commission.

South Dakota Republican Party Chairman Dan Lederman had harsh words for his Democrat counterpart Paula Hawks, after the Democrat chairwoman made a press statement in response to a Federal Elections Commission audit of the Democrat Party’s books where they were found to have filed false information with the federal elections watchdog.

In a statement late Wednesday, on behalf of Democrats, Hawks claimed “…there has clearly been a lack of oversight in the financial management of SDDP. Moving forward this new administration has and will continue to ensure accuracy in our reporting at all levels,” and that “The SDDP’s current financial situation is unfortunate and unexpected to this new administration.“

“Is she kidding?” Republican Party Chairman Dan Lederman, asked.  “The Democrat Party has the same person – Democrat State Party Treasurer Bill Nibbelink - in charge of their 'financial situation' now that they’ve had since the year 2000.”

“The same person who was signing checks from the Democrat party to both the Paula Hawks for State Legislature and then later the Paula Hawks for Congress campaign is the same person who wrote the $2.5M check to Hillary and is still signing checks for Democrat Party Chairwoman Paula Hawks,” Lederman said.  “How can Paula claim any of the issues that came up in the Federal Elections Commission audit were unexpected unless she’s paying less attention than the last Democrat chair?”

“If Democrats are serious about cleaning up their mess, maybe Paula should start with her current leadership team member who was in charge of the books at the time when Hillary was laundering millions through South Dakota for her campaign instead of trying to claim to voters that she doesn’t know anything.”