SDGOP blasts past 104k voter advantage, over 90% of candidates recruited for 2020

February 3rd, 2020

South Dakota Republican Party blasts past 104k voter advantage, has over 90% of legislative candidates recruited for 2020 Election Cycle

The State Republican Party might not be as visible as last night’s Super Bowl Champions, but they’re declaring a solid win in the latest voter registration numbers reported by the South Dakota Secretary of State. According to current figures, South Dakota Republicans now have a voter advantage of 104,225 Republicans over Democrats.

According to State Chairman Dan Lederman, “the South Dakota Republican Party has 258,370 voters in comparison to Democrats’ 154,146. Over 47% of the active voters in the state identify with the Republican Party as their party of choice.” 

“I think we can attribute our strong voter numbers to South Dakotans identifying with the policies and strong leadership of President Donald Trump,” Lederman said.  “Another result of so many people wanting to be part of the President’s successes is that the Republican Party is ahead of goals in candidate recruitment.”

The State Republican Party noted that “as of today, with nearly 2 months until the filing deadline, the GOP has over 90% of our legislative slots filled, and we’re actively recruiting for all 105 positions,” according to Chairman Lederman.

Lederman indicated these are all signs of a robust Republican Party. “A healthy political party has four legs supporting it – strong voter registration, interested candidates, solid finances, and an active organization.”

“On top of our individual county party fundraising efforts, the State Republican Party raised over a quarter million dollars in an off-election year for our upcoming campaign activities. With 42 county organizations, statewide the SDGOP is extremely active, with over 20 events planned in the first quarter of 2020 alone, including MAGA meetups in Sioux Falls and Rapid City tomorrow night for the SOTU address, our annual county by county Lincoln Day Dinners, and many, many other events,” Lederman continued.

“I’m happy to report to the members of the Republican Party that the State GOP has a solid foundation under it, as we prepare for the 2020 election cycle,” Lederman said.