GOP Rejects Dem Party slam on Founding Fathers on Independence Day

July 6th, 2018

GOP Rejects Dem Party slam on Founding Fathers on Independence Day, calls on Sutton campaign to reject revisionist history

Today the Chairman of the South Dakota Republican Party called on Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Billy Sutton to address the anti-American statements expressed by Democrat Party Executive Director Samuel Parkinson over the 4th of July holiday, and whether Sutton endorses the claim that characterized our founding fathers as just “slave-owning white males who just didn’t want to pay their taxes.”

SDGOP Chairman Lederman said, “Our founding fathers fought and died on the battlefield and forged what grew to be the greatest nation on earth based on the principle that we should be a free people, and that their fellow citizens should not be subject to taxation without representation.”

“With Mr Parkinson, the leader of the Democrat party, mocking those values on the very day we celebrate our Independence, it does not bode well for the kind of people that Billie Sutton would bring to Pierre with him. The South Dakota Republican Party and the people of South Dakota reject that kind of liberal revisionism that Democrats continually try to inject into our state.”

Lederman added, “it is further evident that Billie Sutton & liberal Democrats are trying to pull the wool over the eyes of South Dakotans by the fact they still have failed to release the party platform they passed last month at their convention. They’re hiding what they stand for at the same time their director is bashing Independence Day.”