GOP Chairman calls on State Democrat Party to reject promotion of Women’s March over anti-Semitism

January 18th, 2019

GOP Chairman calls on State Democrat Party to reject promotion of Women’s March over anti-Semitism and bigotry

South Dakota Republican Party Chairman Dan Lederman has issued the following statement, calling on the leaders of the South Dakota Democrat Party to reject the anti-Semitism being endorsed by the movement’s leaders, and to cease their endorsement and promotion of tomorrow’s event.

Lederman cited the National Democrat Party dropping sponsorship of the Women’s March this week over the troubling associations that leaders of the movement have had with Nation of Islam (NOI) leader Louis Farrakhan, refusing to disavow and denounce Farrakhan’s statements when called to do so this week.

“Frankly, I’m somewhat shocked that after the National Democrat Party rejected their association with the Women’s March group this week over the racism and bigotry being tacitly endorsed by the group’s leaders to find that the South Dakota Democrat Party had not only NOT followed suit but is still actively promoting the event through e-mail and social media,” Lederman said.  “I’m not sure why South Dakota Democrat Chairwoman Ann Tornberg hits the mute button when it comes to the state’s Jewish Community.”

Lederman continued, “one leader of the Women’s March attends Farrakhan’s speeches – a man who said that Hitler was a great man -  and posts her support for him on social media. Another leader throws out the dog whistle of complaining about people who choose “allegiance to Israel over their commitment to democracy.”  As a voter, and a member of South Dakota’s small but proud Jewish community, it’s hard to fathom why the State Democrat Party refuses to ‘get it.’

After the State Democrat Party brought in Keith Ellison in 2017, hosting a dinner speaker with a previous association with Farrakhan, and now continuing their advertising of this year’s Women’s March despite national outrage, Lederman called on the State Democrat Party to respond “whether they will continue in their current policies, or they will finally recognize that the Jewish community is part of South Dakota’s electorate?”