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Republican for a Reason

Siouxland Republican Women is a diverse group of women and men committed to educating the public about politics, policies, and the people making the decisions that shape our country.
We invite you to check out our site, learn about how you can become involved and we welcome you to join us for an upcoming meeting. Share your ideas, concerns, and discover how you can take action to make a difference in our local, state and national politics.

Top Ten Reasons to be a Siouxland Republican Member

1.  You'll learn the party platform.

2.  You'll better understand the procedures and policies that influence and determine the decisions that are made locally, state-wide, and nationally.

3.  You'll gain better understanding and insight to the amendments on the next ballot.

4.  You'll receive a content-filled newsletter every month, email updates about events, legislation, and news along with factual resources.

5.  You can come hear from experts, legislators, and great speakers at our educational meetings each month.

6.  You can ask anything about politics in a safe environment.

7.  You can feel more connected to policy decisions.  You can impact policy changes, events, and the votes of our legislators when you associate with action-oriented people.

8.  You can take pride in knowing we support our military troops every month through care packages.

9.  You'll meet great people and network with like-minded people.

10.  All our dues stay local, and it's only $20 to be a member.


SEND AN EMAIL to siouxlandrw@gmail.com